Change of Plans for Mr. Dino

There is a change of plans regarding a future shop.

Before I go into that, I’ve officially “Finished” the Mr. Dino Pride Keychains campaign, meaning payments are done processing. Once I receive the keychains from the supplier, pre-orders will be fulfilled.

After pre-orders are fulfilled, however, Mr. Dino will NOT roll over into a separate shop.

Why? Because there is not enough demand or product to justify opening a separate storefront for Mr. Dino at this time. I have enough stock to fulfill pre-orders, but no more than that.

Does this mean that Mr. Dino will not get future merch? No. Mr. Dino will still be around. But he will be listed alongside my other stock on my Ko-Fi shop.

Will Mr. Dino have future crowdfunding campaigns? Who’s to say? He may get a campaign of his own, and/or he may have merch listed as rewards in a different campaign. I’m leaving those plans open for now.

Until then, I will keep you in the loop when the keychains arrive from the printer. Once they arrive, orders will ship out ASAP.

In the meantime, TOMORROW, the Holiday Pop-Up Shop opens! You can get a preview now. Sign up for the newsletter to get notified when the store opens.

Keep in mind, as well, that the Holiday Pop-Up shop will feature new indie artists alongside my own work! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to catch one-on-one live chats with the artists who are featured this year.

That’s all for now. Thank you for your support!

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Membership Drive and Mr. Dino Pre-Orders

In today’s edition of the Crowdfund Café, we’re discussing a new membership drive and extending Mr. Dino’s pre-orders for Pride Merch.

Let’s start with…


Due to the supplier being on vacation until October 5, we’re extending the pre-order window. Mr. Dino Pride Keychains and Stickers are now available UNTIL OCTOBER 6 at 11:59 pm EST.

The campaign has already hit the base goal. If the campaign can get to $244 raised, backers will receive an additional sticker from Mr. Dino’s friend, Bronto. To find out more or to support the campaign, check out the Crowdfundr.


Kelci D. Crawford is running a membership drive for their Ko-Fi memberships and Fan Club offerings! By supporting them for $5 a month, members get unlimited zines, early access to webcomics, shop and commission discounts, and other rewards. Check out Kelci’s Ko-Fi Page and official Fan Club page for more details.


Fantasyville is planning a big Holiday Pop-Up event, featuring up-and-coming indie creators! To stay tuned for updates on this offering, sign up for the email newsletter.


The printer is still putting files together for The Legend of Jamie Roberts, Volume 2. Digital rewards have already been sent out. If you did not receive them, please email so that can get sorted right away.

In the meantime, stay tuned to Kelci’s newsletter for updates as soon as Kelci gets them.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!

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Is Mr. Dino Getting an Extension?

Is Mr. Dino getting an extension on Crowdfundr?

Today’s Crowdfund Café update features news that’s familiar to a lot of IRL cafés – supply chain snafus.


We found out our supplier for keychains is going on vacation between September 28 and October 5. This falls in the window that the Crowdfundr for Mr. Dino Pride keychains would close.

So here’s a question for current and pending backers: Should we wrap up the campaign early and put orders in ASAP? OR, should we extend the campaign to October 6?

Let me know by leaving a comment on the campaign update!


The files are sent off to the printer! Now, don’t expect an update from the printer for another 14 days (at best). But I DID ask for a print proof before we go full steam ahead.

Until we hear further, digital rewards have been sent. Backers, check your inboxes for those rewards.


Stay tuned to my email newsletter for October. While there are no Crowdfundr campaigns planned for October, I WILL be running a Club Pledge Drive.

As for November – we’re planning a Fantasyville Holiday Pop-Up Shop! More info is coming after October 1.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!

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Crowdfunding Café: Mr. Dino’s Goal

It’s time for another serving from the Crowdfund Café! We’re talking about Mr. Dino’s Goal, exclusive treasure from The Legend, and more.

In Crowdfund Café, we’re rounding up the latest news on crowdfunding campaigns that Fantasyville Productions is running, doing fulfillment for, or otherwise has a hand in.

Without further ado, here’s the latest from the Crowdfund Café…


Mr. Dino has hit the goal! The campaign will continue running until Sept 30 for pre-orders – and I’m looking at rolling the campaign over into a dedicated shop. Crowdfundr as a platform allows for that. I’m still figuring out the details, and will give an update as soon as that’s figured out.

Until then, any support you can give the campaign is appreciated, whether that’s backing it or sharing the link with friends.


The first 10 backers of The Legend should now have their exclusive phone wallpapers! Check your inboxes.

In the meantime, the files need one final read-through before they’re sent off to the printer. The ISBN and barcode will also need to be handled.

As that is getting worked on, digital rewards will be sent out over the next two weeks. Backers should get all their digital rewards before Sept 28. More updates will come as things get finished.


The financial report is coming together and should be out by next week. Tune in this Tuesday at 6 pm EDT on Kelci’s YouTube live stream. There, they will give shout-outs to everyone who backed the campaign at the top of the episode. The segment will also be made into a separate video for later viewing.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned on the email newsletter for further updates and behind-the-scenes clips!

Thank you for your support.

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