IN THE FINAL DAYS of the Fantasyville Holiday Pop-Up Shop

final hours! get your indie comics and art at before Dec 1!

Framing this announcement are images of what's available in the Fantasyville Holiday Pop-Up Shop.

We’re in the FINAL DAYS of the Fantasyville Holiday Pop-up Shop, yo.

Once again, we’re accepting orders until Dec 1!

Maybe you’re looking for a story about a chaos deity and a farmer girl becoming friends? Or an alien who crash lands in the backyard of a salaryman? Or animal children in the late 90s and a secret conspiracy in their small town?

Or maybe you’re looking for art books? We have one for gnomes and a preorder for one about cats!

Perhaps short stories are more your flavor? We have prose and poetry, cryptids, and (surprise) gnomes, all in short story collections.

We also have prints and tote bags – the tote bags were VERY popular at the pop-up event we did at Aistear Brewing last week. So we only have a handful left. Nab them while you can!

But – once again – in our final days, you only have UNTIL DEC 1 AT MIDNIGHT to place your order!

We are also planning a wrap-up party Livestream for the evening of Dec 1 on YouTube. Be sure to subscribe and get notifications for when we go live! You can chat with the artists from the pop-up shop and ask anything.

If you have placed your order already, or you’re broke, please share the campaign as far and wide as you can. Sharing is caring and helps more than you know.

That’s all for now. Thank you for your support!

You. Are. Awesome.

NOW OPEN – The Fantasyville Holiday Pop-Up Shop!

The first-ever Fantasyville Holiday Pop-Up Shop is…

We’re accepting orders from now until Dec 1 – just in time for some online Holiday shopping!

Now, you’re used to seeing work from me. This year, I wanted to highlight other indie creators I think you might like! To get a taste, you can check out this YouTube live stream.

This year, we’re featuring work created by…

  • Mel Sealy (Read All Over)
  • Chloe Rose (various prints)
  • Ben Wright-Heuman (Family Business)
  • JM Hunter (You Don’t Gnome Me)
  • Blake ‘Gio’ Mathias (Tukk & Rol)
  • Caroline Manley (My Husband Is A Space Alien!!)
  • Sean McGavin (Danse Macabre)
  • Kate E. Lore (Melancholy Evil Pop Tart)
  • And more!

I’m also including pre-orders for my newest work – CATS: A Sketchbook, collecting this year’s Inktober sketches, all about cats!

So head on over to the shop and check out what’s in store! And stay tuned – new products will get switched out every week.

If you’re broke, share this news with your friends! Sharing is caring and it helps more than you know.

That’s all for now. Thank you for your support!

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2 DAYS LEFT to Get Volume 2 of The Legend!

So what happens after volume 1? Who’s the Basho twin Jamie’s been talking to? What will happen to the Chief? What’s going to happen to the orb? AND WHAT’S UP WITH THE DRAGON??

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to get The Legend of Jamie Roberts, Volume 2.

New stretch goals have been unlocked, including exclusive stickers. PLUS, you can select rare and limited edition acrylic pins as part of your rewards!

Can we make it to 25 backers? Or even 30?? If we do, we can unlock more rewards, like zines!

You have UNTIL SEPT 1 to claim your copy.

If you’re broke, share this campaign far and wide! Sharing is caring and it helps so much.

Thank you for your support!

You. Are. Awesome.

The Legend of Jamie Roberts Debuts on Crowdfundr

The Legend of Jamie Roberts, an LGBTQ+ pirate adventure, makes its debut on Crowdfundr, a rival platform to KickStarter. Their goal is to fund the second volume of the swashbuckling webcomic, complete with remastered art and exclusive bonus content!

Kelci D Crawford, the artist and writer, has been making the genderqueer fantasy adventure since 2018. The story is about Jamie, a genderqueer pirate, and their two best friends who travel to a new land in search of treasure. Along the way in volume 2, they find dragons, magic, darkness, and a King of Evil who breaks free of his prison.

The Legend of Jamie Roberts, Volume 2 is now on Crowdfundr until Sept 1.

This campaign seeks funding to get Volume 2 in print, collecting Chapters 5 through 8 of the adventure. Rewards in the campaign include copies of volumes 1 and 2, as well as commissions from the creator. Early bird rewards include an exclusive phone wallpaper for the first 20 backers of the campaign.

This is Kelci D Crawford’s eighth successful webcomic project. All of Kelci’s past webcomics have been successfully crowdfunded on platforms like KickStarter, Patreon, and Ko-Fi. What sets The Legend apart from the rest, though, is the emotional resonance of the story.

“The Legend is the story I wish I had as a genderqueer teenager, trying to figure out my gender identity and my place in the world. Jamie is the protagonist my teenage self WISHES they had.”

And readers resonate with the message. The Legend successfully crowdfunded volume 1 in 2021 on KickStarter, and Kelci hopes to achieve even better results on Crowdfundr.

Crowdfundr is a relatively new crowdfunding platform, launched in 2022 to compete against KickStarter and other platforms like it. One thing that sets Crowdfundr apart is their fee structure: In their Nearly Free package, Crowdfundr asks supporters to cover payment processing fees so creators don’t have to. This means more funding for the creator and their project thanks to extra support from their backers.

The Legend of Jamie Roberts, volume 2 is on Crowdfundr now until Sept 1. You can find more information on the comic, the artist, or the campaign at