The Legend of Jamie Roberts Debuts on Crowdfundr

The Legend of Jamie Roberts, an LGBTQ+ pirate adventure, makes its debut on Crowdfundr, a rival platform to KickStarter. Their goal is to fund the second volume of the swashbuckling webcomic, complete with remastered art and exclusive bonus content!

Kelci D Crawford, the artist and writer, has been making the genderqueer fantasy adventure since 2018. The story is about Jamie, a genderqueer pirate, and their two best friends who travel to a new land in search of treasure. Along the way in volume 2, they find dragons, magic, darkness, and a King of Evil who breaks free of his prison.

The Legend of Jamie Roberts, Volume 2 is now on Crowdfundr until Sept 1.

This campaign seeks funding to get Volume 2 in print, collecting Chapters 5 through 8 of the adventure. Rewards in the campaign include copies of volumes 1 and 2, as well as commissions from the creator. Early bird rewards include an exclusive phone wallpaper for the first 20 backers of the campaign.

This is Kelci D Crawford’s eighth successful webcomic project. All of Kelci’s past webcomics have been successfully crowdfunded on platforms like KickStarter, Patreon, and Ko-Fi. What sets The Legend apart from the rest, though, is the emotional resonance of the story.

“The Legend is the story I wish I had as a genderqueer teenager, trying to figure out my gender identity and my place in the world. Jamie is the protagonist my teenage self WISHES they had.”

And readers resonate with the message. The Legend successfully crowdfunded volume 1 in 2021 on KickStarter, and Kelci hopes to achieve even better results on Crowdfundr.

Crowdfundr is a relatively new crowdfunding platform, launched in 2022 to compete against KickStarter and other platforms like it. One thing that sets Crowdfundr apart is their fee structure: In their Nearly Free package, Crowdfundr asks supporters to cover payment processing fees so creators don’t have to. This means more funding for the creator and their project thanks to extra support from their backers.

The Legend of Jamie Roberts, volume 2 is on Crowdfundr now until Sept 1. You can find more information on the comic, the artist, or the campaign at

Crowdfund Café: New Projects Coming

In this week’s edition of Crowdfund Café, we’re covering new projects coming up in the next two weeks. We’re also sharing partner campaigns that are coming soon or wrapping up!


Tales of Tomorrow: The Sci-fi Anthology has 6 days left and they haven’t met their goal yet! Back it if you can, or share the campaign link far and wide. If you can do both, that’s great, too. Rewards include full-color copies of the anthology and commissions from the artists.


Coming soon to Crowdfundr (for reasons detailed on Kelci’s blog)! The only things left to make are visual assets for the campaign, and then it’s ready for launch. Sign up for Kelci’s newsletter to get the notice when the campaign is live.


The order has been placed with the key chain printer, but it will take at least 3 weeks for the orders to arrive. Backers can, however, expect to get their digital rewards before the end of the week.


We have plans to launch a shop front for Mr. Dino & Friends merch! Stay tuned for more updates. 


As one campaign funds, another is fulfilling rewards, and a third is about to launch – with a fourth on the horizon.

That’s all for now. Thank you for tuning in!

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