CATS: The Sketchbook is NOW LIVE on Crowdfundr!

They’re cute, cuddly little goblins who steal your food and your hearts. It’s CATS!

BEHOLD! I have put together an art book full of cat sketches I drew during the Inktober challenge of 2023!


I got the idea at Small Press Expo when someone came up to my table and spotted The Stars of Fantasyville (my 2022 Inktober sketchbook). They saw Duchess, my black cat character on the front and flipped through it. And they said, “Oh I thought the whole book was cats.”

And I said, “That’s my NEXT book!” So I made it happen.

I had been meaning to make an art book of cats for a while, anyway, and that was the signal I needed to make it happen.


With YOUR help, because I don’t have the budget to print these books on my own.

Thanks to a generous patron on Ko-fi, I DO have about $70 saved back for this project. Which is enough to cover the books getting shipped to me. Here’s a breakdown of what we still need to make this happen:

I’m not getting an ISBN or barcode for this book to keep the circulation small. As cute as the idea is, I don’t expect this book to pop up at Barnes & Noble or something similar. CATS is more of an art zine. Let it be a collector’s item!

As for shipping to backers, Crowdfundr has shipping costs as a separate line item in the budget. So I can just ask for the goal, but still get the funding needed to ship stuff because it’s handled separately! It’s kooky compared to KickStarter, but it works.

“Who’s printing the book?”

We’re going to the same folks who printed The Stars of Fantasyville to print these CATS books…MIXAM! For art books, their print and paper quality is *chef’s kiss* marvelous. Plus they’re fast and budget-friendly, and their customer service is stellar.


This campaign is only open for ONE WEEK and ENDS on Jan 18. For reasons why it’s so short, I go into it on the campaign page.

If you can, please consider pre-ordering your own copy of CATS: A Sketchbook! We also have other rewards available, which you can pick and choose a la carte to make your own reward bundles! Many of these rewards are digital, too, so if you’re international, I have you covered.

Broke? Share this campaign far and wide! Sharing is caring and helps more than you know.

We have UNTIL Jan 18 to make this happen!

That’s all for now. Thank you for your time and support!

You. Are. Awesome.

Membership Drive and Mr. Dino Pre-Orders

In today’s edition of the Crowdfund Café, we’re discussing a new membership drive and extending Mr. Dino’s pre-orders for Pride Merch.

Let’s start with…


Due to the supplier being on vacation until October 5, we’re extending the pre-order window. Mr. Dino Pride Keychains and Stickers are now available UNTIL OCTOBER 6 at 11:59 pm EST.

The campaign has already hit the base goal. If the campaign can get to $244 raised, backers will receive an additional sticker from Mr. Dino’s friend, Bronto. To find out more or to support the campaign, check out the Crowdfundr.


Kelci D. Crawford is running a membership drive for their Ko-Fi memberships and Fan Club offerings! By supporting them for $5 a month, members get unlimited zines, early access to webcomics, shop and commission discounts, and other rewards. Check out Kelci’s Ko-Fi Page and official Fan Club page for more details.


Fantasyville is planning a big Holiday Pop-Up event, featuring up-and-coming indie creators! To stay tuned for updates on this offering, sign up for the email newsletter.


The printer is still putting files together for The Legend of Jamie Roberts, Volume 2. Digital rewards have already been sent out. If you did not receive them, please email so that can get sorted right away.

In the meantime, stay tuned to Kelci’s newsletter for updates as soon as Kelci gets them.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!

You. Are. Awesome.