Crowdfunding Café: Mr. Dino’s Goal

It’s time for another serving from the Crowdfund Café! We’re talking about Mr. Dino’s Goal, exclusive treasure from The Legend, and more.

In Crowdfund Café, we’re rounding up the latest news on crowdfunding campaigns that Fantasyville Productions is running, doing fulfillment for, or otherwise has a hand in.

Without further ado, here’s the latest from the Crowdfund Café…


Mr. Dino has hit the goal! The campaign will continue running until Sept 30 for pre-orders – and I’m looking at rolling the campaign over into a dedicated shop. Crowdfundr as a platform allows for that. I’m still figuring out the details, and will give an update as soon as that’s figured out.

Until then, any support you can give the campaign is appreciated, whether that’s backing it or sharing the link with friends.


The first 10 backers of The Legend should now have their exclusive phone wallpapers! Check your inboxes.

In the meantime, the files need one final read-through before they’re sent off to the printer. The ISBN and barcode will also need to be handled.

As that is getting worked on, digital rewards will be sent out over the next two weeks. Backers should get all their digital rewards before Sept 28. More updates will come as things get finished.


The financial report is coming together and should be out by next week. Tune in this Tuesday at 6 pm EDT on Kelci’s YouTube live stream. There, they will give shout-outs to everyone who backed the campaign at the top of the episode. The segment will also be made into a separate video for later viewing.

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