Made In Fantasyville

The following works have been made in collaboration with Fantasyville Productions, LLC. Be sure to support these creators!

Danse Macabre and Other Works

by Sean McGavin

Taken from the Amazon listing:

“For those seeking tales of a dark yet fanciful nature, this collection of short stories and poems will suit ones needs quite nicely. From haunted catacombs to monsters from beyond and desperate lovers seeking aid in times of war, this modest assortment is an ideal companion for a fire-lit night.”

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever independent books are sold.

The Legend of Jamie Roberts

by Kelci D Crawford

Jamie Roberts is neither a boy nor a girl – they’re A PIRATE! One day, during a raid, Jamie and their two best friends, Thomas and Daniel, find an unfinished map of a land they’ve not seen. So they retire from the great seas and become bodyguards to a king. Along the way, they discover strange creatures, magic, and an ancient history about to resurface once more…

Available on the artist’s Ko-Fi.

More work coming soon!