Book Services

These services are what I offer to make your book AWESOME.


As a professional artist, I have designed book covers for over 15 books and eBooks (including Kindle). Rely on me to create a cover that not only catches the reader’s eye but captures the spirit of your book. I work with you on every step of the project, from initial sketches to the final draft.

Need a book cover? It’s a base rate of $80 per cover. Be warned – the more complex your cover is, the more I will charge.


I have 8+ years of experience formatting comic books and graphic novels for print and digital release, and an additional 2+ years formatting text-based books for print and digital release.

If you need me to design your book, your rate will vary from $200 to $800. The more pages, custom fonts, and/or designs you need, the pricier the rate.

I can also draw spot illustrations for your book…but that offering will be under Art-Related Services.


Have you written or drawn a comic? Do you want this comic to be the best it can be? Let me work with you as a comics editor to bring your story to life!

If you would like to bring me on your team as a comics editor, I charge $5 per page I edit, for up to 40 pages. If your project is a graphic novel or a longer series, reach out to me for a project-based rate.

Did you write a text-based book? Reach out to my cohort Melanie Doan! Editing prose, poetry, and other text projects are her specialty.