Art Services

Here are the art-related services I offer to bring your ideas to life.


Do you have a book or a website that needs a little more…pizazz? Let me make that pizazz for you.

I charge for each illustration, which will vary, depending on how complex the art is and what rights are being purchased. Simple black and white drawings are $25 each to start, assuming certain rights are not sold. A further breakdown of price is similar to the Character Illustrations pricing, listed below.


Do you need a new social media icon? Or art for a table role-playing game? Or maybe you’re an author who needs character art for a website? Let me draw those characters for you!

My rates for this particular offering are available on my Ko-Fi commissions’ information page. These prices, however, assume that I keep certain rights to the artwork. If you wish to get certain exclusivity rights, the prices will go up. For more info, please reach out to me at


As a professional artist, I have designed and illustrated art for a variety of products, from T-shirts and books to stickers, packages, and car decals. The primary outlet for all of this design work is the project Kitties By Kelci, aka BreeBree Bootique.

So I can design for whatever product you need! Just keep in mind that your rate will vary, depending on the scope of the project and the timeline you have.