About Kelci

Kelci D Crawford is a professional artist, who started as a caricature artist in 2010. In 2013 they moved on to creating and publishing comics and art books. In 2018 and beyond, they expanded to include text-based books, websites, tabletop games, podcasts, and merchandise. Who knows what will come next, but Kelci hopes it’s more art and more collaborations.

They also maintain their own blog.

Musician Collaborators: Hemline Theory, Joe Zelek, Just Like Honey, Luke Zacherl

Tabletop Gaming Collaborators: NeverEnding, Inc; Gnome Made Games; The Fourth Leg Podcast

Author Collaborators: Melanie Doan, K. Ferrin, Sean McGavin

Publisher Collaborators: CanonWrite Productions, Iron Circus Comics

Zine Collaborators: Urban Nusense, Plump the Post!, Feminist Zine Fest Pittsburgh