2 DAYS LEFT to Get Volume 2 of The Legend!

So what happens after volume 1? Who’s the Basho twin Jamie’s been talking to? What will happen to the Chief? What’s going to happen to the orb? AND WHAT’S UP WITH THE DRAGON??

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to get The Legend of Jamie Roberts, Volume 2.

New stretch goals have been unlocked, including exclusive stickers. PLUS, you can select rare and limited edition acrylic pins as part of your rewards!

Can we make it to 25 backers? Or even 30?? If we do, we can unlock more rewards, like zines!

You have UNTIL SEPT 1 to claim your copy.

If you’re broke, share this campaign far and wide! Sharing is caring and it helps so much.

Thank you for your support!

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Crowdfund Café: The Legend and Mr. Dino

It’s time for another serving from the Crowdfund Café!

In Crowdfund Café, we’re rounding up the latest news on crowdfunding campaigns that Fantasyville Productions is running, doing fulfillment for, or otherwise has a hand in.

Without further ado, here’s the latest from the Crowdfund Café…


The campaign has been running for about 10 days as of this writing. We are ⅔ of the way to the base goal, and new stretch goals have been announced! Stretch goals include themed stickers of The Legendary cast as punk rock stars. For more details, to back the campaign, and/or to share the link, head over to the campaign page.


Rewards are all shipped, which means the BE NOT APURRED campaign is officially wrapped up! Thank you to the backers for their support and patience. Leftover stock will be taken to upcoming local shows, Small Press Expo, and coming soon, a wholesale shop.


As part of a partnership with Small Press Expo and Crowdfundr, Mr. Dino & Friends will be launching their own pop-up shop on Crowdfundr in September! To sign up for notifications (and to see some behind-the-scenes art before the store launches), sign up for Kelci’s email newsletter. New subscribers will get a Mr. Dino & Friends desktop wallpaper free to download.


The Columbus Cartoon Coalition is launching its Anthology campaign on Monday, right after the pre-launch livestream party! Tune in to the live stream on YouTube or their Facebook page, and follow the coalition on Ko-fi for updates.


Kelci will be re-designing their website this week. As part of this re-design, all Crowdfunding announcements and shop announcements are moving here to the official Fantasyville website.

That’s all for now. Thank you for your support!

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The Legend of Jamie Roberts Debuts on Crowdfundr

The Legend of Jamie Roberts, an LGBTQ+ pirate adventure, makes its debut on Crowdfundr, a rival platform to KickStarter. Their goal is to fund the second volume of the swashbuckling webcomic, complete with remastered art and exclusive bonus content!

Kelci D Crawford, the artist and writer, has been making the genderqueer fantasy adventure since 2018. The story is about Jamie, a genderqueer pirate, and their two best friends who travel to a new land in search of treasure. Along the way in volume 2, they find dragons, magic, darkness, and a King of Evil who breaks free of his prison.

The Legend of Jamie Roberts, Volume 2 is now on Crowdfundr until Sept 1.

This campaign seeks funding to get Volume 2 in print, collecting Chapters 5 through 8 of the adventure. Rewards in the campaign include copies of volumes 1 and 2, as well as commissions from the creator. Early bird rewards include an exclusive phone wallpaper for the first 20 backers of the campaign.

This is Kelci D Crawford’s eighth successful webcomic project. All of Kelci’s past webcomics have been successfully crowdfunded on platforms like KickStarter, Patreon, and Ko-Fi. What sets The Legend apart from the rest, though, is the emotional resonance of the story.

“The Legend is the story I wish I had as a genderqueer teenager, trying to figure out my gender identity and my place in the world. Jamie is the protagonist my teenage self WISHES they had.”

And readers resonate with the message. The Legend successfully crowdfunded volume 1 in 2021 on KickStarter, and Kelci hopes to achieve even better results on Crowdfundr.

Crowdfundr is a relatively new crowdfunding platform, launched in 2022 to compete against KickStarter and other platforms like it. One thing that sets Crowdfundr apart is their fee structure: In their Nearly Free package, Crowdfundr asks supporters to cover payment processing fees so creators don’t have to. This means more funding for the creator and their project thanks to extra support from their backers.

The Legend of Jamie Roberts, volume 2 is on Crowdfundr now until Sept 1. You can find more information on the comic, the artist, or the campaign at thelegendofjamieroberts.com.

Financial Report: Gem City Comic Con

Here’s my financial report for Gem City Comic Con.

I wanted to keep my expectations low for this show because Lewisburg Comic Con AND Boomfest 2023 were dead shows. Both of them brought in less than $80 each and were not worth the hype. I had never been to Gem City up to this point, but I didn’t want to be disappointed for a third weekend in a row.

Well…I was disappointed for the third weekend in a row.


We’re going to tackle the costs first before we report on sales. 


For Gem City, I booked the table early and paid $78.75 (after fees) for 2 days. If I had filed for a table past the early bird deadline, the cost of the table would have gone up. I do not recall the fee for post-early bird discounts.

This is not the most expensive table I have ever paid for. That honor goes to (so far) Awesome Con 2018 in DC, which was $300 for 3 days. In fairness, Awesome Con brings in 75,000+ attendees. I didn’t know the attendance numbers for Gem City. But $75 for 2 days puts it on par with 3 Rivers Comic Con, a show I did a lot when I lived closer to Pittsburgh. So honestly? I didn’t think the fee for Gem City was absurd at the time.


Coming out of Toledo took 145 miles on day 1, then another 145 on day 2. I crashed on a buddy’s couch for that weekend, so that added 23 miles in each direction. But by doing that, I didn’t have to pay for a hotel, which was a good thing. It’s not the farthest I’ve traveled for a show, but I do prefer a show that’s closer to home.


The bad news of Lewisburg Comic Con and Boomfest worked in my favor for Gem City. I had ordered books and pins and keychains before Lewisburg Comic Con. But because that and Boomfest (the weekend after) were basically dead on arrival, I could roll over all of my stock to Gem City and not have to order any extra before the show. So my printing costs came out to $0 in the short term for Gem City.

THAT SAID… I track the cost of printing per unit of my stock in my sales spreadsheet. That way, I know how much to set aside for re-printing. That is going to factor in later in this report.


I only had to fuel up once, which cost $37.44 to do. I packed snacks ahead of time – and shout-out to my table neighbor, Jason, for the iced tea and water he generously gifted! Also shout-out to Stephen Hines, not only for the couch to crash on, but for dinner and ice cream at the end of Day 1. I did, ultimately, end up spending $18.66 for food across both days.


Keep in mind, these are gross sales. They do NOT factor in costs yet.

On day 1, I did well, selling $237 worth of work! I have definitely sold more at one-day events during 2023, such as Free Comic Book Day ($321.50) and RathaCon ($342), and HerdCon ($283). I was hopeful for Day 2.

But on Day 2, I only made $88 in sales. I’m not sure what happened. A lot of rumors flew around at the show about the organizers not putting in any effort to promote Gem City, or about other events happening the same weekend.

Regardless, after two days, I made $323.

That’s on par with Free Comic Book Day, a one-day event that I didn’t have to travel across the state for. In short, I was ultimately not impressed.

And after costs? Hold on, let’s calculate…

I mentioned earlier that I keep a spreadsheet that tracks the costs of printing versus the retail price of ALL of my stock. So, after retail minus the cost for re-prints, it comes to $197.29.

Now factor in the table fee ($75), food ($18.66), and gas ($37.44), and I made in profit…


I would like to reiterate that I have made more of a profit at one-day shows like RathaCon and Free Comic Book Day. But we’ll get into rant mode later.


By dollar – What The Gnomes Know: A Comics Anthology: $60. Followed by The Legend of Jamie Roberts, volume 1, which made $50. Books were still the top-selling category by dollar, at $205. The second-best sales category was keychains at $52.

By unit – Dragon Baby LGBTQ Pride keychains, which sold 4 units for a total of $20. As a category, stickers sold the most units, at 23 units. (Stickers, however, were the bottom-tier category in terms of dollars, at $29.)


You know, I met cool people, and I had great table neighbors. But – I hate to say it, especially since some comics folks I knew talked about Gem City so positively – I was not impressed with Gem City Comic Con. I will not be returning next year.

As a matter of fact, having had three dud conventions and events throughout July, I’m taking a break from conventions for the rest of the year.

The only exceptions I will make are pop-up events in my current hometown of Toledo, OH that last for one day, and Small Press Expo.

Instead, I will take this time to build up new stock, make new merch, and build the business online.

I will also do a financial report for Be Not Apurred Keychains once the orders have been shipped. I will keep you posted as the campaign wraps up.

If you would like to get the first notice when I launch a new item for pre-order, get on the official newsletter. A new graphic novel will be launching in the next week or two, so keep an eye out.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!

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Crowdfund Café: New Projects Coming

In this week’s edition of Crowdfund Café, we’re covering new projects coming up in the next two weeks. We’re also sharing partner campaigns that are coming soon or wrapping up!


Tales of Tomorrow: The Sci-fi Anthology has 6 days left and they haven’t met their goal yet! Back it if you can, or share the campaign link far and wide. If you can do both, that’s great, too. Rewards include full-color copies of the anthology and commissions from the artists.


Coming soon to Crowdfundr (for reasons detailed on Kelci’s blog)! The only things left to make are visual assets for the campaign, and then it’s ready for launch. Sign up for Kelci’s newsletter to get the notice when the campaign is live.


The order has been placed with the key chain printer, but it will take at least 3 weeks for the orders to arrive. Backers can, however, expect to get their digital rewards before the end of the week.


We have plans to launch a shop front for Mr. Dino & Friends merch! Stay tuned for more updates. 


As one campaign funds, another is fulfilling rewards, and a third is about to launch – with a fourth on the horizon.

That’s all for now. Thank you for tuning in!

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Introducing the Crowdfund Café

Today, I’m introducing Crowdfund Café – a new feature on Fantasyville Productions!

In Crowdfund Café, we’re rounding up the latest news on crowdfunding campaigns that Fantasyville Productions is running, doing fulfillment for, or otherwise has a hand in.

Without further ado, here’s the latest from the Crowdfund Café…

BE NOT APURRED Biblically Accurate Cat Angel Key Chains

This campaign got successfully funded! Payments are being processed. In the meantime, backers need to fill out their backer surveys so Kelci can get rewards tallied up.


Tales of Tomorrow is the latest sci-fi comics anthology from Brendan Hykes. These are short stories all written by Brendan, featuring indie comics artists – like Kelci! They did a short story called Destructo Girl.

preview of Destructo Girl by Brendan Hykes and Kelci D Crawford

Breandan’s funding to get the anthology in full color. And as of this writing, they’re not halfway to the goal yet, and still have two weeks to go! Back it today if you can, or share the link with your friends. Rewards include copies of the anthology and commissions drawn by the anthology artists (including Kelci).


This Iron Circus Comix anthology all about flubbed foretellings of the future featured a short comic story by Kelci. After a successful campaign on Backerkit, Failure to Launch is moving forward! Currently, they’re in pre-press. More updates will be available on the Iron Circus website.


The Columbus Cartoon Coalition is gathering its resources together to release a new anthology! The goal is to get it funded and printed before Cartoon Crossroads Columbus in September 2023. Stay tuned for more as the campaign develops.


Toe Beans and Broomsticks premiered on Kelci’s newsletter! The game will be available to download for free on Kelci’s Ko-fi in the next week – with a Deluxe version for game masters coming soon. Watch Kelci’s blog for more updates on this.

Last, but hardly least…


Volume 2 of The Legend of Jamie Roberts is coming to Crowdfundr around the end of July! Kelci will be detailing why the book is going to Crowdfundr and not KickStarter in an upcoming blog update. Keep an eye on that space before the end of the week.

In the meantime, Kelci is creating assets for Volume 2’s crowdfunding campaign. The book itself is 80% formatted for print.


It’s an exciting time here at Fantasyville Productions!

New updates in the Crowdfund Café will post each Monday as long as there is active campaign news. So come back next week for further developments.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!

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Be Not Apurred is Funded! Here’s What’s Next

Be Not Apurred is successfully funded on KickStarter! Here is what’s coming next…


If you backed the campaign, be sure to…

1. Make sure your payment info is up to date, and

2. Make sure your shipping address is accurate and ready to go.

I will be sending out surveys before the weekend. Watch your inboxes, yo.

For folks who did NOT back the KickStarter…

Keep an eye on these project updates. Once KickStarter backers have their rewards, these key chains will be available to the wider public.

And be sure to subscribe to the email newsletter. There will be another crowdfunding campaign coming in the next few weeks.

That’s all for now. Thank you for your support!

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Now on KickStarter – Be Not Apurred Keychains!

Now on KickStarter – and ending soon – it’s Be Not Apurred, the Biblically accurate angel cat keychains!

And lo, the two-tailed cat gazed down upon the children of Creation with its three faces, and out of their multitude of mouths declared,


With a puff of smoke and a shining golden light, the angel disappeared, only to reform as…a keychain?


Here’s the thing: I run a project called Kitties By Kelci. With it, I draw cat-themed art to make into products. Now, Kitties by Kelci started on RedBubble, which may have a wide selection of products to print designs on – but it doesn’t have everything.

In fact, keychains have to be printed myself. Which is why we’re here!

The goal: get 50 Biblically Accurate Cat Angels made into keychains.

These keychains will be about 3 inches tall, with double-sided printing and an acrylic epoxy on the front. It would come with a standard keychain loop and chain attached.


You mean, besides the fact that it looks cool?

I want to get this printed to make it real. And, if this project succeeds, that means more designs in the future from Kitties by Kelci that exist outside of RedBubble. I want Kitties by Kelci to grow! And this campaign is the first step.

To bestow Biblically accurate cat angel blessings on your bags, head over to…

You have UNTIL JULY 6 at 7:45 am! So back it if you can, and/or share the link and spread the word! Be sure to use tinyurl.com/bnakeychains to make it easier to share.

That’s all for now. Thank you for your support!

You. Are. Awesome.